15 Mar

While awaiting Christmas...

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Crème brûlée de foie gras au Monbazillac

Looking for a festive dish for the holidays? I suggest the perfect recipe for the salty-sweet lover, the foie gras and Monbazillac crème brûlée.

A real treat for the real gourmets: a foie gras creme with a touch of Monbazillac jelly cooked in the oven and caramelized with brown sugar… What if this was the paradise?


Ingredients for 6

25 cl of creme

200 g of fresh foie gras

2 table spoon of Monbazillac jelly

4 egg yolk

40 gr of brown sugarCrème brûlée de foie gras au Monbazillac


Heat the creme and the Monbazillac jelly. Mix the foie gras and the warm creme in a blender. Add the egg yolk, salt and pepper.

Devide over the 6 ramekin and cook for 50 minutes in a preheated oven.

Leave them to cool. Then sprinkle the brown sugar and caramelize it using a torch. 


Thank you Afternoon Tea for your creative and tasteful dish!!