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Alimentation Fine de France offers its range of French fine food products based upon quality and taste criteria : every product has been developed in cooperation with food specialists ; samples are carefully tested by a large evaluation panel. We only keep the very best!

Our ranges are constantly renewed according to new trends, new ways of presentation and consumers changing tastes and wishes. This evolution process allows us to be one of the innovating leaders of the French market.

Our ambition :

- Innovation: behind the appeal of superbly dressed food, the consumer is also seeking taste and true innovation.

- Trend : AFF is the creator of some of the new fine food fashion products. We work with local Perigord Chefs to design the success of tomorrow.

- Tradition: Our ranges, even the most sophisticated and trendy ones, have roots in the French food tradition. The long and rich history of our company allows us to bring out the best part of these traditions and integrate it to our products.




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